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Cell Phones - Accessories-Durres, AL 1 years 15 Days 17 Hours 41 Min. 56 Sec. ago
FOR SALE: Sallam Aleykum bro & sister Apple iPhone 7 Plus brand new original factory Unlocked work with any sim card in all country and come with 1year international warranty IF INTERESTED TO BUY? Buy 2 get 1 free For fast reply add me on WhatsApp chat +13318880563

Animals-Burrel, AL 1 years 3 Month 24 Days 17 Hours 38 Min. 28 Sec. ago
Townshend Frameable . Broke to ride. Stands 15 hands. Not suitable for hard intense work as she suffers from mild heaves. She is happy in a stall or outside. Would make an incredible brood mare, companion or light riding horse. Sound and she is full of personality! Definitely a people horse. Needs calm quiet handler. UTD shots, worming and for more info via

Electronics-Durres, AL 2 years 8 Days 18 Hours 6 Min. 7 Sec. ago
It can control the weigh shown in the scale by a remote.To increase or reduce weight as many as you want . small volume, with its anti intercept function. Apply to all kinds of different weighbridge, do not need to external power supply. when it is turned off,, the loadmeter would work normally.  This jammer is developed by professional company, Advantages: stable performance, reliable quality.....

Electronics-Durres, AL 2 years 1 Month 7 Days 23 Hours 34 Min. 19 Sec. ago
The basic functions of SN8 car remote control copier are scan,  copy, block and save the smart key’s signal.It can clone the remote control signal with or without the original remote key. It is very helpful when you lost your car key. Complete touch screen design, built-in antenna, and effective work range cover up to 50 m around, standby time up to 10 days. ....

Electronics-Durres, AL 2 years 1 Month 7 Days 23 Hours 35 Min. 31 Sec. ago
It is used to test the remote key or car anti-theft system, when the anti-theft frequency is right, the jammer would make the car unable to be locked. It is a professional car locksmith tools.  It would work without the limitation of the car’s style or automobile remote controller’s style, support all kinds of vehicle. It effect with the fixed code , rolling code and hopping code, with h....

Electronics-Durres, AL 2 years 1 Month 7 Days 23 Hours 37 Min. 11 Sec. ago
No longer to worry about GPS tracking,GPS jammer will protect you from GPS tracking and monitoring, protect your personal affair safe. This machine easy to carry concealed row, small size, light weight; simple operation, low power consumption, convenient charging, can be equipped with car charger is truly environment-friendly handheld jammers. . More powerful, more stable performance, cost-ef....

Electronics-Durres, AL 2 years 1 Month 7 Days 23 Hours 37 Min. 58 Sec. ago
Have you heared Modem Pool, a magical device  can send hundreds of thousands of SMS to hundreds of thousands of cellphone just in few seconds. It is a great help to your business. Functions: 1. Can send SMS to large number of customers at same time 2. Support SMS receive and reply automatically 3. Store the record of SMS sending and receiving automatically 4. Easy to install and use 5. Can....

Foreclosures-Kruje, AL 2 years 8 Month 9 Days 22 Hours 28 Min. 39 Sec. ago
Buy a Intex Keyboard at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890) Buy a Intex Keyboard at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890) Buy a Intex Keyboard at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890) Buy a Intex Keyboard at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890)

Computers - Hardware-Elbasan, AL 2 years 8 Month 11 Days 23 Hours 10 Min. 16 Sec. ago
Buy a Quantum mouse at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890) Buy a Quantum mouse at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890) Buy a Quantum mouse at 50000 and get a 2% discount. (JBWK890)

Health - Beauty-Elbasan, AL 3 years 25 Days 5 Hours 58 Min. 3 Sec. ago
18 Again vaginal tightening creams Call +27781462469 18 Again vaginal shrink creams will make your vagina tighter younger and sexier again easier than ever while also increasing pleasure for both you and your partner. 18 Again vaginal shrink cream will tighten your vagina in 5 minutes and its effect will last permanently 18 Again vaginal shrink creams will work Wonders to tighten your vaginal m....

Home - Furniture - Garden Supplies-Berat, AL 3 years 1 Month 3 Days 15 Hours 57 Min. 37 Sec. ago
 leading specialist in oriental furniture since 2003,  Shimu offers an exclusive range of traditionally crafted Chinese furniture in solid elm wood, as well  as an extensive selection of restored Chinese antique furniture,  plus silk wallpaper and other beautiful home accessories  inspired by the orient.

Electronics-Kucove, AL 3 years 2 Month 11 Days 8 Hours 35 Min. 33 Sec. ago
If you have access to a computer with internet and a few hours a week to spare we need you! We are an International Marketing Company we hire people worldwide to do simple online marketing tasks for our clients. You are paid per task completed including: Forms filled, Emails Processed, Clicks generated and more. Plus $10 Cash back for a limited time. For details and a free information pa....

Foreclosures-Burrel, AL 3 years 8 Month 5 Days 4 Hours 59 Min. 2 Sec. ago
* is a real golden gate for a person to earn unlimited amount at home and can work as his own boss. You can Earn Rs.5, 000/- or 30,000/- for every month.. No Earning Limitation. Payment Guaranteed. For more details visit ** *

Home - Furniture - Garden Supplies-Berat, AL 4 years 4 Month 7 Days 20 Hours 33 Min. 8 Sec. ago
The online grocer for fresh foods, delivering directly to you from the fruit markets, the butcher, dairy and bakery within hours. Fresh groceries fresher! (

Clothing-Durres, AL 4 years 4 Month 10 Days 4 Hours 20 Min. 15 Sec. ago
You will find a great selection of designer clothing for women at Search from over 2000 designers for all the latest in womens clothing. (

Electronics-Tirana, AL 4 years 5 Month 2 Days 22 Min. 54 Sec. ago
Përshëndetje , everyboday Ju lutemi të kushtoj vëmendje !Guangzhou XF Poker Cheat . Co , Ltd, është kompania e parë kineze e cila ka 10 vjet eksperiencë në prodhim , fabrikë kamera infra të kuqe , kartat e shënuar fabrikë dhe zgjidhje profesionale kazino furnizuesit . Ne jemi prodhues Kinë pokercheat ofrojnë poker më të mirë mashtrojnë OEM, ODM , service.And ne furnizimin me p....

Jewelry - Watches-Berat, AL 4 years 6 Month 2 Days 19 Hours 24 Min. 32 Sec. ago
Fraser Hart - Buy online fine range of top quality jewellery,watches, diamonds, rings and branded jewellery. Free delivery on orders over £150.00. (

Clothing-Berat, AL 4 years 6 Month 3 Days 8 Hours 27 Min. 17 Sec. ago
If you are heading to a fabulous party you will need a gorgeous dress to flatter your curves. We got a vast array of dresses that be perfect for a variety of occasions. (

Toys - Games - Hobbies-Berat, AL 4 years 6 Month 19 Days 20 Hours 46 Min. 21 Sec. ago
Have fun with Science. Buy Science gifts, gadgets, robots, games, puzzles and more at the Science Museum Shop. Support the Museum and buy online today! (

Tickets-Durres, AL 4 years 6 Month 29 Days 32 Min. ago
We specializes in ssd chemical solution and activation powder for cleaning black Dollars, euros, pounds and any other currency from any security color to it's original state. OUR SERVICES: Anti-freezing Preparations and Prepared De-icing Fluids, SSD Solution. Vectrol paste, Tebi-Manetic solution, Defaced currency, Cleaning chemical. Darkened currency, Black coated notes, Cleaning black money, ....